Yearning for Fall

Okay, don’t come for me but a few weeks ago I said to myself; “Man, I’m so ready for fall, why can’t we just live in a constant state of fall weather?” Now this was in the middle of July and the heat was brutal! As soon as I said it, I so tenderly heard God say to me; “Because you’d always be stuck in the middle of an ending and a beginning! You’d be stuck in a constant state of death without rebirth!” Man, did that hit me hard! You know, like one of those moments where you just stop and stare because you can’t believe what you just heard? We’ve all been there. Stuck. Almost like we’re comfortable in the pain. But you know what? Hearing God’s words helped me realize that, what He just explained to me is why there’s a winter! To grieve after the death of whatever it or who it might be.

First the colorful, yet dry leaves begin to fall as a sign of an ending near. You know the signs! We usually just don’t pay attention to them because life can be tricky that way. Everything always seems to be bittersweetly beautiful before the death of something; whether it’s a life or something else in our lives. The brittle leaves of our endings crunch down into ashes, and we all know that Isaiah 61:3 says He trades beauty for ashes. However, you gotta let Him do His work first and go through the seasons of change.

Then the soft blanket of snow comes to cover all the hurt. Allowing it to make way for Spring. Readying you for a birth of something new. I guess I never realized how much I was okay with the feeling of ending until that day. Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced a lot of it in my life. But, I’d like to believe it’s because through the hard times I’ve been conditioned to self consciously know that a new beginning is near? Either way, don’t stay stuck! Starting today, allow each season to come!

It says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that everything on earth has its own time and season. Psalms 30:5 says that anger is but for a moment but that favor is for a lifetime. That weeping may come for the night but joy comes with the morning. You know, we could say that it also comes with the mourning too! Like I said before, without it (fall and winter) there would never be a new beginning. Spring would never come. The birth of something new would cease to exist.

So if you’re yearning for fall (or just another time in general) like I was, try to enjoy today. The now. Let this season do its thing. Let it be, and know that the cycle never ends because God’s love always brings a new beginning!

Take a moment today to figure out what season you’re in. Go ahead and rest in the peace of knowing that no matter what, the Son will shine, the leaves will fall, the snow will cover the pain and spring will bring new beginnings.

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