It Struggles with You!

So about a year or two ago I made a short little video of something Holy Spirit laid on my heart. Since then, I’ve continued to have ladies tell me how much that short little nugget of information helped them. So I thought, if it helped me and it helped them, then why not get this little “life hack” of advice out to the rest of you ladies to benefit from!

If you care to see the video click here.

So, we all struggle with something right? Actually, today, I’m here to tell you that we are not the one doing the struggling. We’re the one who starts with a foot hold on victory. What if I were to tell you that it’s our way of thinking that has caused us to be the one that struggles? What if I told you that what ever the struggle is, it’s actually struggling with you?

Let me explain.

Instead of prophesying, “I struggle with (insert word here)”, try saying; “______ struggles with me!” I’ll go first. Instead of saying; “I struggle with Acid Reflux”. Try saying; “Acid Reflux struggles with me!”. That way, you are not letting that “thing” have power over your life. You are taking the power over it! You’re now prophesying your advantage and it’s defeat!

You see, you shouldn’t look at it like you’re the one who always has to struggle. Have you ever asked yourself that out loud? Go ahead, do it now. Ask yourself; “why am I the one who always has to struggle?”. It sounded silly saying it out loud didn’t it? So, let’s change the way you think about it! You can look at it as, the struggle has to combat you! Because, guess what? It’s trying to take claim in your life and you’re not letting it! The simple fact that you’re taking steps to not let it means you’re on the up already! You have to use the authority God gave you!

Look up, girl! You are a daughter of the KING!

It, whatever it might be, struggles with you. Not the other way around! That thing, is what is having to do all the work to insert itself into your life! You’re in control! You don’t have to let it! You see even Jesus knew that when he was telling His disciples in John 10 that He freely gives His own life that He could also not. In this chapter Jesus is explaining that our Father is our Shepard and that His sheep know His voice so therefore they hear Him! Jesus follows His fathers command! But listen to what Jesus says in John 10:18; “No one takes it (His life) from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

I. Have. The. Authority. To lay it down. AND the authority to take it up again.

This means that Jesus had a choice. In His own authority He could choose to lay down His life and to take it up again. We also get to see that Jesus gives the disciples this same authority just as God gave Adam authority over the animals and land in Genesis. This means we have a choice as well. We get to choose to use our authority over the things that try to lay hold over our lives. Which means those things struggle with us. Those things know it has to bow to the name of Jesus which is why we use “in the name of Jesus” in our authoritative words. Those things will only struggle with you for so long before it bows to the name of Jesus! Before it bows to Christ in us! Because the bible also says that every knee will bow!

So go ahead. Let that long overdue authority roar while that “thing” you’ve been dealing with struggles with you! Let the thing struggle! It’s the one fighting for an entry into your body, into you mind and you hold the key to let it in or not. You hold the key to your authority. Free yourself from struggle today and unlock the key to your authority!

Be blessed! <3

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