What’s your Part of the Story?

You can’t do the work of God without a relationship with God.

None of the folks in the Bible felt qualified to do the work of God. However, they did it anyway. How?

The one thing they all had in common with each other is the fact that they all had a relationship with God in some fashion. We too need to cultivate our relationship with Him in order to do His works.

Whats the difference between us and those we read about in the Bible?

Every work the people in the Bible did prepared the way for the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ. However, before Jesus came their relationship with God included a set of specific rules and regulations of sacrifices to continue this “relationship”. It’s their continued walk and relationship with God that lead us to the beginning of Jesus’s story.

It’s because of Jesus that we can have a relationship with God that doesn’t require all the Old Testament sacrifices. Although we do make our own sacrifices in the here and now, the law is no longer the same due to Jesus dying on the cross becoming the final physical sacrifice for our sins!

We may not be able to relate to the same style of relationship and sacrifices they had but we can relate to all the characters in the Bible by not feeling good enough. However, we can also set ourselves apart from them! The difference between us and them is that only their works prepared for the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, and our works are preparing for the return of Christ! You see, although there works may have had to be done in order for our turn to come, we were not there then and they are not here now. We all have a unique gift and calling that only we can do. You may not get to be the Virgin Mary who brings forth the birth of our Savior but what can God do through you that will bring His return?

Our troubles and fleshly feelings might compare with those of the Bible but the fruit of our callings verses there’s do not. They had a job and so do we. We both are fulfilling prophecy just different parts of it. They were the beginning of the greatest love story ever told and we are living in a time where we are working to fulfill the completion of the same story.

We can read the Bible in awe of the miraculous stories or we can read it realizing that we are living out the same miraculousness as the fulfillment of the same story.

Our callings and works now are all to fulfill the promise of Jesus’s return. Are you doing your part? Will you say yes like Mary did? Will you not give up like Job didn’t? Will you lead like David did? Will you overcome like Ruth did? Because the return of our savior is counting on your yes! The return of our savior is counting on you taking advantage of the sacrifice He made to make having a relationship with God easier. Helping to fix the downfall from eating of the tree of knowledge. Allowing us to walk closer with God so that we can follow our calling better. Aka our part in the time puzzle of the return of Jesus. For once we fulfill our portion, the circle will be completed and our walk in the cool of the eve with God will not only be forever but also be literal once more.

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