His Experience

Did you know that it’s up to you as to how much God gets to experience of you?

What in the world do you mean, you might be wondering? He created us, how has He not experienced me? Well, the free will He gave us means that it’s up to us to spend our time with Him!

I’m not here to step on your toes. I’m not here to tell you God doesn’t know you, because He most certainly does! For if God numbered the hairs on your head as Luke 12 says, He surely knows you! Even still, I’m here to tell you, that statement rocked my world too! You see, even while being here on earth, we have the keys to heaven! (Matthew 16:19) We unlock the door. We get to choose how to spend our time. It’s up to us to give our time to the Father freely. It’s up to us to allow God to experience us today.

Do we ignore when He wakes us up at 5AM to spend a moment with Him? Do we choose to wash the dishes or do the laundry instead of or before we sit down with Him? Because lets face it, the Lord gives us His time freely, whenever, wherever! He’s always waiting for us. He allows us to choose Him. Even, how much of Him we want. But it’s all in God’s timing, you might be thinking. Well, isn’t that just a phrase us Christians like to say as an encouraging word? The reality is, God’s timing is affected by our direct obedience!

God will take us deeper every time. If we let Him experience us by giving Him our time. What is in our control is the amount of experience God gets with us. We control our obedience!

In the moments He tugs on our heart and we answer the call, He gets to see the spark of desire flicker in our hearts. If we decline, He see’s our darkness and witnesses us continuing to walk throughout or daily tasks without our choosing Him. Because of our choice, He missed out on an opportunity to share a moment with us. Don’t misunderstand. He is always with us. But we are not always with Him. We are the ones who make that tether longer. Not Him.

Take a moment, sit back, close your eyes and try to picture a time where God tugged at your heart and you declined. Our flesh feels the disappointment and maybe even a little rejection. Although, God does not experience things like we do in our flesh, He once was flesh (Jesus). So although, He doesn’t “feel” that negative feeling He does understand the concept and see’s where we have placed Him in our earthly realm.

Now that you’ve envisioned that moment, do the same for a moment that you accepted His invitation of a precious moment with Him. Can you envision the smile on His face when your heart ignites to His presence? Because our spirit does rejoice when we feed it with time with the Father! THAT is what the Lord is experiencing when we choose our time with Him! He gets to experience the intimacy of filling our cup. Like a gracious host pours their guest a cup of warm coffee so does our Father fill up our Spirits when we sit with Him. He is pleased because He knows we just chose to take one more step into the calling and mission He has placed before us. YES, those quiet moments in His presence are the work of your calling and your mission. Won’t you keep taking them?

He knows that if you look to Him, He’ll be able to get you where He needs you to go. Won’t you let Him experience you today?

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