My church (Faith Fellowship in Wirtz, VA) is having an end of year event called R3. They chose Joel 2:25 to stand on during the event and in choosing our very own R3 word. You may have noticed, the E is backwards. This is meant for turning things around. Meaning that through God our needs and desires can be turned around to be back on track with His will. I’ve been meditating on this whole R3 thing a while now and I thought I’d share what the Lord has helped me to see.

Have you ever noticed that some R3 words do not have a beginning word that makes sense with it? For example, for the word revive, we don’t go around saying; “I’m vived.” Vived isn’t even a word. Alive is which makes sense but it still isn’t vived. We only say; “I was revived, I need revival“. Or restore, we don’t go around saying; “I’m store.” We say; “I need restoration so I can be restored.” However, on the other hand, some R3 words do have a beginning word. For example, we can say; ” I once was new but now I’m renewed.” Or; “I used to be dedicated but now I’ve rededicated my life or time. Rededication put me back on track.”

What I’ve come to realize is that all the words that make sense for having a beginning word means that we used to be those things and somehow we may have lost our way. The R3 words that do not have a beginning word that makes sense to us are the actions that we need. They help us to get back on track to the beginning words that do make sense. I hope I’m making sense, ha! For another example, I was dedicated to my ministry until my relationship with God dwindled. I began to revive it until it was restored and now I rededicate my life back to Him!

What’s your point you may ask?

Well, just as the body of Christ can not complete something with out the other working parts, neither can our goal R3 word be set in motion without the action or reaction of the other R3 words. You may be refocusing on a goal of one R3 word but you need to also allow the other R3 words to flow in the works of getting you to the destination! Rely on them all in the process!

With all that said, my R3 word is rekindle. It’s time to rekindle the flame of the desires the Lord has put within me. For now is the time that the desires of my heart will realign with His word so that my part of the greatest love story of all time can do it’s part for the return of Jesus Christ!

The year of R3 is for you and me

Working together for all to see

Closer together to heaven we’ll be

Heaven on earth is the year of R3!

If you’d like to join us in choosing your very own R3 word for 2023 please fill out the form here and we will stand with you! Be blessed!

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