The girl God loves..

You! …and me! Welcome fellow sister in Christ! Nice to meet you!

I’m just an average girl wanting to give the world a big huge hug and let everyone know that Jesus loves them. The closest feeling I come up with to compare the love of Jesus to is that first sip of coffee on a crisp autumn morning. You woke up refreshed without the annoying alarm. The leaves are gently falling with just the right shades of orange, red and yellow. You can stay in your comfy clothes and take your time dreaming about what the day beholds. That is MY best description. My goal is to get you to find yours! That’s what this CATW thing is all about. Getting you to know the love of God! Now for the obligatory about me jazz…

I’m a married mother of 2 teen boys who help me live life a little on the wild side. I love to serve at my church, Faith Fellowship which is located in a small town on the outskirts of Roanoke, VA. I used to say that using my voice to worship God was my most favorite thing to do but I’ve grown to find out that there are so many additional ways to worship Him than singing. I still love to sing, however, health issues taught me the beauty of worshiping in other ways. My “voice” is still expressed and heard within my daily actions. I cherish that lesson. I love color and have been known to be a little on the hippie side. A few of my most favorite things to do are front porch sittin’ and gathering around a kitchen table with family and friends with good food and coffee. Life is good and so is He so let’s come together and let it be so!

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