What are you watering?

So I stumbled on a wonderful reminder and a “marker” as Pastor Gary likes to call them. I just had to share it as the next podcast! Check it out! Hopefully you’ll be blessed by it too!

CATW Jenny Sink – Unraveling

This particular CATW was our very first virtual session. Covid had just shut everything down in early 2020 and we had to make the decision for it to be a Facebook live instead of our in person fellowship time. Jenny brought a beautiful word about how we can walk around this world knotted up, torn and hurting to only realize the common thread to restoration. Jesus! He brings unraveling, restoration and healing to the pattern of our life. Check it out below! You can also find more of Jenny’s devotions on her Facebook page “Thoughts from a Broken but Blessed Soul”

What Podcast?

One more faith step complete! The building blocks are moving along nicely. One step at a time! I just published my very first podcast. Audio only for the moment. However, I’ll have visual episodes in the future. You gotta walk before you can run, ya know? I’m thankful! Check it out on Anchor here if you feel so obliged! Or you can also find it on Spotify here. Stay tuned!

Artza Box Subscription

Have you ever wanted to experience the Holy Land but are not sure you’ll ever be able to actually visit? Then this subscription box is for you! I’m hoping to add a video soon so you’ll be able to see what comes in the box but I couldn’t wait to share this coolness with you! You can get your own by clicking on this link. Be sure to use the coupon code ARTZAMEGANPALMER to receive $10 off. Check out Artza’s Youtube video below to see what it’s all about! Stay tuned and I’ll show you what comes in mine!

I can’t wait to hear about your box!

CATW Jordan Smith – Further Instructions

This particular CATW was a sweet sweet moment as we had not had an in person CATW in some time due to covid. It was also extra special because we had author Jordan Smith give the word. If you haven’t heard of her please go check out her book Marrying Mr. Man of God! You will not be disappointed! Check out the video below to see the word God brought to us through our sister Jordan! If you enjoyed the video you can also follow her blog here!

This was filmed on FB live, apologies for the vertical display!

Plan A vs. Plan B

Don’t ever let your Plan B become your Plan A when you feel discouraged!

God says; “I am a prefix! I come (should come) before all plans or things in life. Therefore, you are a prefix too!”

You’re made in His image and if He is a prefix to your plan then you also are a prefix to the plan. Although The Lord goes before it, you must obey to make it happen. No matter what! Otherwise, other additives get in the way and suddenly you’re discouraged because you; don’t have the funds, it hasn’t happened yet, you’re too old, you’re too young, not good enough, and your Plan B falls into the place of Plan A. Now what you’ve essentially done is told God His plan will never work and your Plan B is better. You know what? He loves us anyway! But, He lets us have the freedom to choose. While we’re choosing Plan B, He decides He loves us enough to keep Plan A on our hearts and minds, hoping we will decide to fully trust Him, hoping we will be brave enough, bold enough to step into the unknowing and follow in the grace He’s set before us.

You see, Gods plan A isn’t quite what we dreamed it would be anyway! That’s why it’s so hard to obtain it in our flesh. Our spirit yearns for is so we feel the passion of our dream, but our flesh can’t quite see it so we give in to the struggles. All while our spirit man on the inside is screaming “Don’t Give Up!”

So don’t let Plan B steal Plan A’s place! The moment you feel that starting to happen, hit the deck, fall on your knees and thank God for your Plan A. Ask Him to show you the next checkpoint. Before you know it, you’ll be living Plan A and you’ll realize that Plan A was actually to always seek God so He could have a relationship so grand with you that you couldn’t help but fall into what He has for you, no matter what your flesh thought it was!

You were living Plan A all along!

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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