What did Jesus Eat?

What did Jesus eat with the disciples at the Last Supper? Join me on my journey in finding out!


My church (Faith Fellowship in Wirtz, VA) is having an end of year event called R3. They chose Joel 2:25 to stand on during the event and in choosing our very own R3 word. You may have noticed, the E is backwards. This is meant for turning things around. Meaning that through God our needsContinue reading “R3kindle”

His Experience

Did you know that it’s up to you as to how much God gets to experience of you? What in the world do you mean, you might be wondering? He created us, how has He not experienced me? Well, the free will He gave us means that it’s up to us to spend our timeContinue reading “His Experience”

What’s your Part of the Story?

You can’t do the work of God without a relationship with God. None of the folks in the Bible felt qualified to do the work of God. However, they did it anyway. How? The one thing they all had in common with each other is the fact that they all had a relationship with GodContinue reading “What’s your Part of the Story?”

It Struggles with You!

So about a year or two ago I made a short little video of something Holy Spirit laid on my heart. Since then, I’ve continued to have ladies tell me how much that short little nugget of information helped them. So I thought, if it helped me and it helped them, then why not getContinue reading “It Struggles with You!”

What to do when People are People

What do we do when people are people? Rise, let us go from here. Ever have those days? You spend hours dealing with “something that came up” to find out you would have never been able to find the solution because you didn’t even know the root issue existed? In the meantime, the work you’reContinue reading “What to do when People are People”

Yearning for Fall

Okay, don’t come for me but a few weeks ago I said to myself; “Man, I’m so ready for fall, why can’t we just live in a constant state of fall weather?” Now this was in the middle of July and the heat was brutal! As soon as I said it, I so tenderly heardContinue reading “Yearning for Fall”

Drive Me, Oh God!

I love the moments when Holy Spirit fills the room while Pastor Gary is preaching! Some days I just sit and listen, taking it all in. Letting the word seep into my spirit. Other days, my hand pens the overflow! These moments have been few and far between for me as of late, admittedly. WhichContinue reading “Drive Me, Oh God!”

Jesus Is Our Justice

How Much Does Worship Cost?

A few years back I was struggling with my singing voice. Still am actually. I know the Word, though. So, I claimed my healing, thanked God for it and went on believing that it would come back. I prayed more and focused on how to be a better worship leader. I knew that I wouldContinue reading “How Much Does Worship Cost?”

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